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            According to the case revealed, Xu Mouguang of the accused person in

            2012/8/1      view:

              May 17th dispatch ( reporter Liang Yuan Liu Fang correspondent He Liang ) the reporter learns 17 days, in the " three two " special action, Longgang district court to the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks successfully put together involving up to 1400000 counterfeit registered trademark case Nokia behind-the-scenes boss Xu Mouguangzhui and sue.

              According to the case revealed, Xu Mouguang of the accused person in Shenzhen city Longgang District Bantian Street Industrial Zone in the 1 floor of building 3 plant hire, offering mobile phone Nokia undocumented factories producing fake, and employ Xiemou multiple ( charge ) management of the factory, to obtain illegal interests. In 2011 April, police receives masses to inform against in the suspected counterfeit Nokia mobile phone production dens captured Xiemou, and scene seized suspected counterfeit Nokia brand mobile phone and accessories, involving up to 140 yuan rmb. Defendant Xu Mouguang after hearing the news quickly fled home to hide.

              In 2011 June, the defendant Xiemou many counterfeit registered trademark case transferred to Longgang area hospital for examination and prosecution, the prosecutor after careful reading, found the defendant Xu Mouguang as the boss of the factory, contributive person and total sales personnel, in this case a crucial role, prosecutors and request the public security authorities to arrest the accused Xu Mouguang, and in the " three two " special action tracking supervision. In 2012 March, Xu Mouguang in the home by the public security authorities arrested.

              Defendant Xu Mouguang et al sham Nokia registered trademark behavior, disturbed badly the healthy and orderly operation of the market order, also hindered the construction of social credit system. The successful prosecution, reflects the prosecutor for the case of highly responsible work attitude, more that the procuratorial organs in performing procuratorial function adequately, severe blow makes holiday of false carry out criminal acts, to serve economic construction firm determination.

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